2002 - 2017R.I.P. Annie Meatfeet

R.I.P. Annie Meatfeet

2002 - 2017

There are no words to adequately convey the loss we feel over Annie's passing. I've comprised a short video set to one of my favourite tunes, to highlight some of the precious moments we shared with her.


Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Teaching an old dog new tricks! Annie learning to fetch at 10 years old. She absolutely refused to put anything in her mouth, except food, so this was a real challange. But, she never gave up and she never ceased to amaze me!

Wheaten Greetin

Annie’s Wheaten Greetin! Gone are the days when Annie would charge around the property numerous times before finally coming to say hello. But at 11 years old she’s still manages to make us feel VERY important after a long day at work. Another Annieventure. :0)

Snow Day!!!

Snow Day!!! Annie loves the snow, she would stay outside rolling around in it all day until she was a frozen Pupcicle, if we let her!

Are You Shy?

Are You Shy? Annie learning to hide her face under a pillow when we ask her “are you shy?” 🙂