Hide and Go Treat

This week Susan showed us a great game to play with Annie to keep her entertained, as well as encourage her to explore new things and have fun while doing it!

She brought 4 small plant containers and some yummy treats. We placed all the containers upside down with a treat under one of them, then let Annie follow her nose. At first she was a little skiddish of the containers because of the noise they make when she’d dragged them on the floor with her paw, but that terrier nose makes her a natural for this game and the treat underneath was all the incentive she needed to get over that issue fast!

Treat Trick

Needless to say she loves this game and will play for ages. But after a few rounds it seemed to be a bit too easy for her so I thought I’d try something a little different. I stacked all 4 containers on top of each other with a treat in between each layer, plus one under the bottom container and one on the top.  Definitely a bit more challenging! Each of the containers has some holes in the bottom so although they are stacked she can still smell and see all those yummy treats!

This version lasts a good bit longer and gets her more excited as the game progresses, so we’ll definitely be adding this to our play time!