KONG-quering the Summer Heat

Annie loves her Kong, especially on a steamy hot day like today! We fill her Kong with chicken broth, kibble and pieces of chicken, topped off with some chicken liver spread and a milkbone biscuit. Then we pop it in the freezer over night for a chilly treat that keeps her occupied for ages.

This was especially welcome today after a busy afternoon checking out the PHC Doggie Daycare facility at the The Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. Kris, Susan and I brought Annie in for an assessment and to check out the facility, as we’d like to have some options available to us so we don’t have to leave her home alone when we go out for the day. Well the staff were warm, welcoming and knowledgeable, the facility is beautiful, and Annie passed with flying colours so it looks like KONG-ratulations are in order! 🙂