Don’t Fence Me In

Annie is extremely well behaved and listens when we tell her to come…most times. But, considering this is all new to her, meaning us and our property, she’s been absolutely amazing overall! Whether we’re taking her for a walk around the property or through the woods at the back of the house, she’s always very attentive. Her nose is always to the ground when we walk through the woods or over by the stream, but even if she’s hot on the trail of some very exciting scent, she always listens. There have been a few times when she’s run to the front of the property barking at people on the road or our neighbours driving up their driveway, but other than that she’s been great. That being said, we’re looking into installing an Invisible Fence around the property. We had an Invisible Fence Sales Rep come to the house and give us a quote for the area we’d like to contain, which is approx. an acre. We’re also getting another quote from Dog Watch, which is their main competitor. Anyway, Annie absolutely loves to go outside, and we want to be able to let her come and go as she pleases without worrying about her either following her nose or a neighbour’s car!  Having the Invisible Fence around the property will give us great peace of mind knowing that she’s safe at all times.  Now we just have to decide which one to go with!