Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

As you can see from the photo, Annie has taken to comforting herself at night by sleeping in the spare room and using Kris’ clothing as nesting material…too funny! We’re not exactly sure what prompts her to do this but so far we’ve noticed that it generally happens after a busy day when she’s not getting our undivided attention, or when the weather is bad (ie. thunder storms). The first time it happened was when Kris was at work all day Saturday. Then it happened again when Pam and Carmenza came for dinner a few weeks after Annie arrived. That night we left her on her own bed in the tv room, but the next morning Kris discovered her “secret” in the spare room. It’s happened a few times since then so we put some old sheets on the bed and left some of Kris’ old clothes out. We don’t mind her doing it if it makes her feel more comforted and secure, but if only she’d make the bed when she’s finished!